2017黑白键系列 钢琴大斗法音乐会 (主办)
演出时间:2017年7月8日 19:30

2017黑白键系列Piano Series

钢琴大斗法音乐会  Piano Battle

钢琴家:Andreas Kern     Paul Cibis


演出时间Time & Date︱2017年7月8日   19:30

演出票价Ticket Price ︱

演出地点Venue︱苏州文化艺术中心大剧院 SCAC Grand Theatre


观演须知 Notice to audience:



Duration: approximately 90 minutes without intermission


Suggested age: 3 and above








肖邦决战李斯特/ 舒伯特对阵德彪西





《钢琴大斗法》音乐会由德国著名钢琴家Andreas Kern和Paul Cibis精心策划。二人以高超琴技和幽默轻鬆的手法,演绎连串动人古典乐章,在台上一较高下。表演分五个环节,每节由两位钢琴家轮流演奏指定风格的古典作品,观众更可在其中一个环节点唱, 由Andreas和 Paul以截然不同的风格作即兴表演。在演奏过程中,观众们可以体验到前所未有的经典碰撞:李斯特 对阵 肖邦、德彪西 决战 舒伯特各种流派不同时期的改编与对抗,让音乐会就像一场紧张而火爆的足球赛,火药味十足,观众耳不暇接。









Andreas Kern和Pau Cibis是享誉国际的钢琴家……《斗法》的演奏极具运动感和音与音犬牙交错的紧张性……





——德国 rbbKulturradio

















“五个回合的风趣惹笑表演,不愧为精彩的秀!”           —星期天南华早报


白钢琴:安德里亚斯·科恩(Andreas Kern)

生于南非的德国钢琴家Andreas Kern,于德国科隆及柏林,分别师从著名音乐家Günter Ludwig及Pascal Devoyon。他曾以个人独奏者及室内乐手的身份,于世界各地演出,包括欧洲、加拿大、南非、中国大陆、香港、日本及印度。


Andreas喜以非传统的形式推广古典音乐,他曾制作多个形式创新的音乐会,它们或于独特场地举行,或由钢琴家与舞台剧演员 或舞蹈家作跨媒体表演。这类新颖的表演形式,往往较传统古典音乐能赢得更多和更年轻的观众。此外,Andreas曾与法德艺术电视台ARTE合作,制作广受好评的音乐节目ARTE Lounge。他是该节目主持人之一,并曾在节目中与不同的著名音乐人合奏,包括大提琴演奏家米沙?麦斯基(MischaMaisky)卡普松兄弟(Renaud Capucon )、修儿?嘉毕塔(Sol Gabetta)、沙拉张(Sarah Chang)、瓦迪姆?列宾(VadimRepin)等 Andreas亦是柏林音乐节城市钢琴节(Piano City Berlin)的发起人,在短短一个周末举办了过百场音乐表演。


黑钢琴:保罗·西比思(Paul Cibis)

Paul Cibis于德国汉诺威、柏林及英国伦敦接受教育,其表演足迹 遍及五大洲。他曾获邀参与多个国家的艺术节,包括英国、德国、南非、中国大陆、香港、台湾、澳洲及纽西兰,并现身于各地的电 台和电视台,包括英国广播公司、德国的WDR、3Sat、ORB 和 HR电台、中央电视台,以及香港电台。Paul推出过数张专辑,包括与德国女中音Barbara Senator合作的法国歌集,收录了Berlioz、Fauré和Debussy法国作曲家的作品。其最新专辑收录了与台湾古典音乐作曲家黄凯南合作的个人 独奏作品。Paul在表演之余亦致力从事音乐教育,他曾于伦敦著名而歷史悠久的圣三一音乐学院任教,现在仍不时于韩国、台湾及香港主持钢琴大师班。



Two Pianists, Six Rounds,

Chopin vs. Liszt, Debussy vs. Schubert, Black vs. White.

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

The audience will decide!




Whether or not they are friends in real life, mercy is the last thing on their mind when fighting on stage. Winning the audience‘s heart is the only thing that counts!


The brainchild of internationally acclaimed pianists Andreas Kern and Paul Cibis, the PIANO BATTLE sees the duo go head-to-head on stage, charming and enchanting the audience with a variety of classical pieces. The show is divided into several rounds, each featuring a certain musical style. The two artists, with distinctly different performance techniques, will even go so far as to improvise on the tunes you request.



A competition wouldn’t be a competition without a jury and here, YOU will be the judge! All members of the audience are invited to vote on the pianists‘ performances and will eventually crown the winner. Of course, this might not be the limit of your



Part serious classical recital, part tongue-in-cheek performance by two classy pianists, the PIANO BATTLE is a unique concert that pleases both the ear and the eye.

Originally created for the Hong Kong City Festival, PIANO BATTLE has been performed for sold-out audiences in Europe, the United States and Asia, including the Shanghai Oriental Arts Center, Seoul Arts Center and an open air spectacle before 6,000 fans in Taiwan. The show has also been well received in the pianists‘ home country where Andreas Kern and Paul Cibis have performed for enthusiastic audiences in concert halls and at festivals all over Germany - including the

Beethovenfest Bonn, the Rheingau Musik Festival, the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival, the Prinzregententheater Munich and the Philharmonie Berlin.





“The piano battle between the young men facingeach other at the two Yamaha grand pianos is apublicly staged and artfully performed contemplation of the classical concert business aswell as classical music itself. Andreas Kern and Paul Cibis purposefully present their expertlyexecuted craft in the wrong - an athletic – contextand let the unique qualities of the performanceshine even brighter this way. Between the comedicremarks and over the course of a lovely SchubertImpromptu and a biting Ligeti piece, they compelthe audience to engage in the focused mindfulnessthat is necessary to truly appreciate music.“


 “...Andreas Kern und Paul Cibis are internationallyacclaimed pianists. They could have simplyenjoyed a career that followed the usual concertcircuit but that‘s not what they had in mind. In thePiano Battle, they challenge each other in anenergetic quest for superior quality and acclaim…“


 “... the two protagonists instantly struck a chord with the audience in the sold-out Sophiensaele. The atmoshpere could not have been better as all members of the audience were actively involved. Guarantee for a great vibe.“


“The comedy-classical combat show of the affable German pair Andreas Kern and Paul Cibis returns after a successful debut It’s serious Classical music in a whole new context - and you decide the winner.”

Time Out

“The intensity and music heats up with every round.”

HK Magazine

"PIANO BATTLE has the elegance of classic music, the excitement of rock and the energy of hip-hop.”

, South Korea

“As the competition got white-hot, the performers and the audience found themselves unable to sit back down ... as the crowd looked on, nervous and excited, immersed in the beauty and tension of the music ... And when the smoke clears, the only thing that’s been defeated is the barrier between classical music and the audience.”

Map Magazine

“Tongue-in-cheek showdown over five rounds, great show!”

Sunday Morning Post




“Trust Your Ears”

Educated in Hanover, Berlin and London, Paul Cibis has performed on five continents andestablished an international presence. He hasbeen invited to international festivals in the UK,Germany, USA, South Africa, Hong Kong, China,Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. In addition tohis many concert appearances, he has beenfeatured in radio and television programs aroundthe world, including the BBC, WDR, 3Sat, ORB,HR, RTHK, and CCTV.Paul has released several albums, including acollection of French mélodies and piano works byBerlioz, Fauré and Debussy, in collaboration withGerman mezzo-soprano Barbara Senator. Hislatest album features a collection of solo pieces byTaiwanese composer Kai-nan Huang.Paul has also been involved in various filmprojects. He penned the music scores for severalshort films, and was the initiator and musicsupervisor of the international award-winningdocumentary PIANOMANIA.A committed pedagogue, Paul has taught at TrinityCollege of Music in London and frequently givesmaster classes in Germany, China, Hong Kong,




“Stay Curious”

Born in South Africa, Andreas Kern studied piano in Cologne and Berlin with Günter Ludwig and Pascal Devoyon. As a soloist and chamber musician, he has extensive experience in Europe, Canada, Hong Kong, China, Japan, India and South Africa. Keen to present classical music in unconventional ways, Andreas has developed concert projects and formats that often feature unorthodox venues, or whereby musicians collaborate with artists in other fields, such as theatre and dance. Such performances have successfully drawn a much wider and younger audience than traditional classical concerts. Andreas Kern has also created the critically acclaimed “arte lounge” for the French-German TV channel Arte. As the show‘s co-host, he has performed with musicians including Mischa Maisky, Renaud Capucon, Sol Gabetta, Sarah Chang, Vadim Repin, Nils M?nkemeyer, Elina Garanca, and J?rg Widmann. He was also the architect of the Piano City Berlin Festival 2010, which featured more than 100 piano performances held in Berlin within one weekend. Since then, Piano City has branched out to other cities such as Milan, Naples and Rome.